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Welcome to Mr. Mostel's Earth Science Class!

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
- Albert Einstein

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Queens Technical High School - NYCDOE
Mr. Mostel’s Regents Earth Science Class

Course Overview

This class is designed to teach the students about the various topics regarding the Earth and beyond. This year we will be following a modified version of NYC's scope and sequence which organizes the academic content into the following 9 units.

Unit 1: Maps and Measurement 

Essential Question(s):  How can we accurately locate places on Earth?  How can we determine Earth's location within the universe?


  • Measurements, reference tabes (ESRT), graphing, and the nature of earth science.

  • Locating coordinates (latitude and longitude).

  • Topographic Maps

Unit 2: Astronomy

Essential Question: How can celestial observations explain natural phenomena?


  • Big Bang Theory

  • Stars and Nuclear Fusion

  • The Hertzsprung–Russell diagram (star classification)

  • The Solar System

  • Solar and lunar eclipses

  • The Tides

  • Calculating Eccentricity

  • Moon phases

Unit 3: Rocks and Minerals

Essential Question:  How do rocks form and how do they change over time?


  • Mineral identification

  • Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock formation and identification

Unit 4: Dynamic Earth 

Essential Question:  What makes the Earth dynamic?


  • Earth's interior structure

  • Continental Drift and Plate tectonics

  • Locating an earthquakes epicenter​

Unit 5: Landscapes

Essential Question: Why do different locations have different landscapes?


  • Physical and chemical weathering

  • Hydrology (stream mechanics and ground water storage and movement)

  • Agents of erosion

  • Coastal land management

Unit 6: Geologic History and Evolution of Life

Essential Question: How does the rock record provide evidence for both earth's history, and for the theory of evolution?​


  • Determining the age of rocks and fossils through the use of relative and absolute dating

  • Geologic time scales

  • Evolution of life

  • Using index fossils to correlate rock outcrops

Unit 7: Insolation

Essential Question: How does the Sun affect life on Earth?


  • Energy and the atmosphere

  • Incoming solar radiation

  • The seasons

Unit 8: Weather

Essential Question:  How can we predict the weather?


  • Determining dew point and relative humidity

  • High and low pressure systems

  • Air masses

  • Weather fronts

  • Interpreting weather maps and weather station models

Unit 9: Climate

Essential Question(s):  Why do different locations on Earth have different climates?  What is climate change and how will it impact our lives?


  • Understanding the factors that determine a locations climate

  • Greenhouse gasses and the greenhouse effect

  • Climate change​


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Grading Policy

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Earth Science Resources

This link will provide you with a downloadable (and printable) pdf of the earth science reference tables.

From this website you will be able to view previous earth science regents exams as well as the answer key.

This link will take you to the castle learning website.  You will use this platform to complete homework assignments, quizzes and exams.

"Why do hurricanes regularly hit Florida? How do earthquakes happen? What types of rocks are found in your backyard? Here you'll find answers to many of your questions about Earth science!" -  American Geosciences Institute

A guide to our galactic neighborhood.

Global earthquake tracker updated in real time!  Did you feel it?

What is climate, and how will climate change impact life on Earth?

An overview of the geologic history of New York City.

Earth Science Simulations

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Weathering, Erosion, and More! in NYC.

The photos in this gallery were all taken in and around New York City.

Chemical Weathering
Manhattan Schist
Physical Weathering
Evidence of Continental Collisions
Long Island Sound.
Evidence of Glacial Erosion
Physical Weathering
Chemical Weathering
From Garbage to Gold
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